Goals for AMP

AMP asked us to help them create Goals, a new brand library for 2017. The brief was to create some vibrant, energy filled imagery to depict financial security and freedom. We were blessed with some amazing talent to compliment the locations we sourced around the south east of mainland Australia and Tasmania.

Some of our favorites are here

Joining the Drive to Save Lives

Shot a nice little project to promote motorcycle safety that’s now in the market. We were asked to create visuals that illustrated the idea that a rider’s relationship with a motorbike is like a marriage, and sometimes needs tender loving care to keep it on track. The purpose is to promote driver re-training courses for middle-aged riders returning to a motorbike after a long period off the bike.

We were blessed with some really nice bikes and styling on the shoot, and our human talent did a fantastic job with his 2 wheeled co-stars.

Ride safe everyone!